May 072015

Is there a program out there that gives students an opportunity to pursue their passions? To pursue those questions they are itching to ask but are outside the curricular framework of their classes? To hang out with students who they might not otherwise get to know who love ideas?

The answer is yes. TED-Ed Clubs.

As you were able to see from the video, TED-Ed Clubs is a  remarkable and fabulous program from TED that provides teachers and students the tools and opportunities they need to develop an idea worth spreading into a TED-like presentation.

_MG_8457_resizedIn September, 2014,  Rundle Academy was granted a licence from TED-Ed to have a club. Students meet once a week and spend their time researching their passions, sharing their ideas with each other, and developing a whole suite of presentation skills that enable them to professionally, and with great confidence, share their ideas either within their club or, as we are doing at TEDxRundleAcademy, sharing them both with a live audience and with a global audience via the TED-Ed and TEDx YouTube Channels.

Students have participated in a number of international club connects and were able to experience TEDYouth via livestream last November.

The skills and opportunities students develop by participating in a TED-Ed Club are skills that will serve them for a life-time.