Welcome to TEDx


Headmaster’s Welcome Message


TEDxRundleAcademy is a spectacular opportunity for our students, teachers and community to live Rundle College’s mission statement.
At Rundle College and Academy, our mission states that we will:
-Help students discover their potential
-Challenge students to attain their best
-Celebrate with them when they do

These powerful statements, when combines with TED’s credo of promoting “ideas worth spreading” makes Rundle and TED a perfect match. Furthermore, our student population is best identified as diverse and cohesive. Each student who attends Rundle Academy has a diagnosed learning disability and they each understand that this way of thinking is a gift not a roadblock. At Rundle, we find strength and energy in our differences.

When you visit our campus, you will not go far without hearing powerful statements such as, “At Rundle Academy, We Move Mountains,” or “Let’s take the ‘dis’ out of Learning Disability.” It is through the energetic embrace, the creative, innovative and compassionate approaches to education at this school that we hope to enable all of our students to push past their challenges and embrace the future with wide open arms.

Our upcoming event will serve to challenge our community to deeply consider ideas that are important to each member and then share these compelling thoughts with our community.  It is exciting to think that the energy put into such an event could potentially change the world!

Principal’s Welcome Message


I would like to welcome you to Rundle Academy, a school specializing in the education and instruction of students with a diagnosed learning disability from grades 4 through 12. What makes our school unique is that each and every one of our students and staff understand that at Rundle Academy, the exception is the norm. It is through this understanding that we are able to help each student understand their distinct ability to learn and experience success that is both earned and deserved. Our school’s mission seeks to “help students discover their potential, challenge them to attain their best, and celebrate with them when they do.” We take great pride in the fact we are able to embody this mission every day at Rundle Academy in many different ways. In hosting our upcoming TEDxRundleAcademy event, “Energies: Creation, Innovation, Compassion” we are excited to have found another way our students can demonstrate how amazing they are. Please join us on March 12 and help us to continue to celebrate the success of our students and our school.

Thank you,

Keith van der Meer
Principal, Rundle Academy