Speakers 2015


Jason Rogers

RogersJason Rogers is currently the Headmaster of Rundle College in Calgary, Alberta.
Prior to taking on the headship at Rundle College, Jason has served as classroom teacher, director of admissions, assistant principal and principal within the Rundle College community.  Prior to moving to Calgary, Jason’s initial teaching experience was at an inner city school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Jason has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Calgary and recently received his diploma in Independent School Leadership from Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS).
Jason has a deep passion and empathy for students who learn differently and as result has employed design thinking to create innovative learning environments for the most divergent of learners.  He has published articles on topics such as universal design for learning, creative study skills and the art of public speaking among other topics.
Outside of school, Jason has a love of family, travel, writing and the outdoors.  In spite of growing up in Saskatchewan and cheering for the Roughriders his whole life, Jason and his wife have now made Calgary home.

Arun Lakra

Arun-photo-smallArun Lakra has three jobs. Writer. Doctor. Dad. He had hoped one of them would be easy. Arun has written an award-winning stage play called Sequence, a song to protest the demotion of Pluto, a book on laser eye surgery, a viral youtube video called Hey There Iginla, and his share of illegible prescriptions. Arun divides his work week between his creative endeavors and his ophthalmology practice.

Dr. Cherkowski

gina cherkowskiDr. Cherkowski is a mathematics education learning activist and researcher. She believes that all kids can be and must be mathematically literate citizens in order to reap the rewards and overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing, data-rich, technologically-advanced world. Dr. Cherkowski conducts research on the neuroscience of learning mathematics inside the complexities of today’s classrooms to advance her goal of ensuring ALL students are mathematically literate.

Gannon Willson

_MG_9040_croppedPossessor of great hair, deep thinker, kind person, Gannon loves nature and wants us to all realize that humans are far scarier than sharks. He is currently in Grade 9

Miles Fryett

Miles_CroppedHardcore Gamer, Brony, Dunker of Basketballs and Hockey goalie extraordinaire, Miles spends much of his time figuring out how to change the world one flash animation at a time. He is currently in Grade 8.

Taya Colwell

Taya_croppedQuiet force to be reckoned with, active participant in every extracurricular activity we offer,  Taya likes to take it all in when she is not actually dreaming. Taya is currently in Grade 8.

Thrissa Bortl

Thrissa_croppedElegant mover, traveller, lover of dance. Thrissa sees the world  as one big ballet waiting to happen. She is currently in grade 8.

Liam Morrow

liam_croppedSkier, thinker, future winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Liam spends much of his time thinking about a million things all at once. He is currently in grade 7.

Andreas Marinakos

Andreaus_CroppedAvid reader, soulful teenager, imp.  Andreas loves language and figuring out how we use it in all of its complexities.  He is currently in grade 7.

Jon-Jacob van Oosterwyk Bruyn

JJ_CroppedWhen he is not greeting every person who enters our school on a daily basis, JJ can be found outside enjoying nature, celebrating his heritage, and helping Mr. Moodie keep this building functioning.  He is currently in grade 12.

Annette Berry

Annette_croppedAthlete, dancer, singer of songs, Annette brightens up everyone’s day with her kindness. She is currently in Grade 9

Oliver Petti

Oliver_CroppedRock star, creative, funny. Lights up the darkness with his humour, energy, and ability to fling poi in geometric and captivating patterns.  He is currently in Grade 9.





Rowan Brandon-Christie

_MG_9043_resizedEmpathizer, organizer extraordinaire, artist. Rowan makes the difficult simple though her  elegant visual interpretations.  Rowan is currently in Grade 9.



Emma Jacob

_MG_9046_resizedKeen observer, powerfully quiet, peer leader. Emma brings life to life with her keen artistic perspectives.  Emma is currently in Grade 9.