Speakers 2016

 Sam Sawchuk Sam Sawchuk

Sam Sawchuk is currently the co-founder of Sandwich for a Story, a unique awareness initiative that looks to break down stigma between the homeless and the rest of society. Sam is currently a 4th-year student at the University of Calgary studying Communications. A passionate believer in the power of technology to connect and inspire, Sam has held a variety of positions technology in the technology industry at Ayogo Health, Uber, and Startup Calgary.

  Azra I. Hussein

Azra I. Hussein, 24, is the President of Organo Energy Inc. While operating her business, she completed her first bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia. Under Azra’s leadership, Organo Energy Inc. operates and services various major industries in Alberta including renewable energy, waste management, environmental solutions and has become one of the largest waste oil recycling and refining companies by diverting over a million pounds of waste in Alberta.

  Rob Fiorentino

Rob Fiorentino is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Victoria and has spent the past 15 years working in the Canadian oil and gas industry.  He is passionate that both his family and Canada have bright and promising futures in our quickly changing world.  Rob has seen a lot of change in the oil industry over his career and believes the most revolutionary changes are yet to come.

  Dennis Kambeitz

Throughout my career, I’ve experienced a high level of success by focusing on my client’s needs and providing them with innovative solutions, whether they be strategic or product based. Through EZ-Robot, I’ve become involved in the Educational Technology sector, and discovered a passion for helping students use technology to achieve their greatest potential. It’s my pleasure to assist educators in understanding what the future will look like, and to provide meaningful direction that will result in your students having a competitive advantage in their education and careers.


 Juliana blog  Juliana Van Oosterwyk Bruyn believes “The coloring book is something that satisfies a primitive need to be creative. A primitive need that has slowly started to resurface. Originally when people had to do everything themselves, they were always crafting, building, and creating to survive. As time progressed, technology made people’s lives easier, and the need to make, build and create for survival was slowly lost. People slowed, and then stop crafting, and creating, altogether, causing this primitive need to resurface, demanding to be notice.”
 Andreas Blog  Andreas Marinakos wants us to recognize that one of the amazing effect of this burst of happiness, i.e. a hug, “is mental ease from things such as fear, stress and anxiety. Be gone, horrid negative feelings!” He wants us to learn to embrace the awkward embrace for all it’s worth. 
 Charlotte Blog Charlotte Warme’s idea worth sharing is  “Kids have big dreams. But, as they progress through school, often they bury these big dreams. Getting lots of choices in school might not necessarily keep these big dreams alive. But, the exploration of these choices might help a student find their passion. And, isn’t that an idea and an ideal worth spreading?”

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