Our day will start promptly at 10:00 am.  Doors open at 9:30am.

TEDxRundleAcademy Program

Act 1: Energies of Creation and Innovation 10:00-11:15

  1. Karen Goepen-Wee and Peter Morrow: Curator’s Welcome
  2. Jaxson Rogers & Zander Clay: Masters of Ceremonies Welcome
  3. What is TEDx? TEDx Video
  4. Beatboxing Magic: Video
  5. Juliana Van Oosterwyk Bruyn: To Colour, to Create
  6. Braelyn Ross: Why Music?
  7. Charlotte Warme: Personalized Schooling
  8. Zander Clay: Why You Need to Let Your Kids Play FPS Games
  9. Owen McIntosh: How to Successfully Make a Book to Film Adaptation
  10. A Skateboard with a Boost: Video
  11. Mathew Dixon: The Engine of All Engines.
  12. Rob Fiorentino: Let’s Make the System Better…

Act 2: Energies of Invention and Compassion

  1. Becky Henderson and Steve Carr:  “I Bet My Life”
  2. Liam Morrow: Why We Need Big Crazy Ideas
  3. Miles Fryett: Artificial Intelligence: Yes, Please!
  4. Dennis Kambeitz: Preparing our Students for a Robotic Future
  5. A Life Lesson from a Volunteer Firefighter TED.comVideo
  6. Isabella Lupi: Why We Need to Care About the Canada Goose (And All Other “Ordinary” Animals)
  7. Ari Bouma: It’s Not All Bad
  8. Sarah Fawcett: Let’s Stop Cyber Bullying Once and For All
  9. Becky Henderson and Steve Carr: “I Won’t Give Up”
  10. Andreas Marinakos: We Need More Hugs
  11. Sam Sawchuk: Let Me Hear Your Story


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