Karen Goepen-Wee
Curator and Lead Organizer

GOEPEN-WEE_KARENKaren Goepen-Wee has been an educator for 16 years in a wide variety of educational settings.  She currently teaches Language Arts and Social Studies at Rundle Academy.  She is the facilitator of Rundle Academy’s TED-Ed Club. In March of 2014, Karen was invited by TED-Ed to participate in the planning workshops that resulted in the current TED-Ed Club program.   Karen’s work with TED-Ed and TEDxRundleAcademy combines her passions for supporting student empowerment and voice, the pursuit of ideas worth spreading, and her belief that the development of  lifelong, independent learning skills is vital for students in the 21st century.

Jason Maitland
Technology Coordinator

MAITLAND_JASONJason Maitland has been involved with education technology for over 25 years and is currently the Head of Education Technology at Rundle Academy. He is committed to providing the appropriate technology tools for students to be successful independent learners and to lead the exploration of technology as a tool for teaching and learning.


Andria Slipp
Event Coordinator

HOEHN_ANDRIAAndria Slipp has been involved in education for nearly 11 years. She currently teaches Writing Remediation and Foods Studies and is the Admissions Officer at Rundle Academy. Her passion for teaching is firmly rooted in helping students realize the power of effective communication.



Shilo Vesey
Event Programming and Activities Coordinator

VESEY_SHILOShilo Vesey has been an educator for eight years, both at Rundle Academy and abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. Language Arts and Physical Education are her areas of passion for teaching, and coaching is a major component in her everyday interactions with students. Both in the classroom and on the field, promoting and celebrating the love of learning, as well as individual belief in oneself, is at the heart of every experience.


Christina Petropoulos
Artistic Coordinator

Christina PetropoulosChristina Petropoulos is the primary art teacher at Rundle Academy. Her number one inspiration is her students.She has made it her focus in her educational career to help students learn through developing creative skills both in and outside the art room. As a jewellery major, Christina has a passion for unique design that push the conventional boundaries of artistic practices. Art is not limited to the four walls of the classroom, being able to make an idea come to life is the real magic in terms of educational development.


Peter Morrow
Speaker Programming Coordinator

MORROW_PETERPeter Morrow is a high school language arts teacher and humanities department head at Rundle Academy. Along with Karen Goepen-Wee, Peter helps facilitate the TED-Ed Club at the school, and has been active in recruiting speakers for TEDxRundleAcademy. Having taught speech and debate skills for years in classroom settings, Peter is excited about the momentum of the TED movement, and how it is providing a new forum for public engagement on topics of interest and importance to our world. In addition, Peter is thrilled to be part of the energetic organizational team bringing the world of TED to our school and community.

Lisa Whiting
Logistics Coordinator

WHITING_ELIZABETHLisa Whiting currently is a Grade 6 teacher with a wealth of experience at Rundle Academy Elementary.  She also is the  Head of Student Life ​for Rundle Academy Elementary, Junior and Senior High, a role that enables her to highlight her passion for student voice and empowerment.



Jenna Prest
Stage Manager

PREST JENNAJenna Prest teaches senior high English Language Arts, Drama, and Media Studies at Rundle Academy. In addition, she runs the Rundle Academy Performing Arts program, which mounts two full-length stage shows every year. Her educational focus centres around metacognition, cross-curricular pursuits, and big picture thinking with a daily aim to foster an appreciation of the humanities in her students.

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